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Top Tips For A Safe & Fun Memorial Day Weekend

Ivan Jones

father-and-son-playing-in-pool-memorial-day-safetyMemorial Day weekend is right around the corner.

Most families will be out and about, enjoying the warm weather and the time off from school and work.

Time spent in the water, by the barbecue and out in the sun is certainly fun, but can also be risky.

Follow the tips outlined below to keep your loved ones safe on the holiday weekend.

Keep A Watchful Eye On The Water

If you're visiting a public pool/beach for the Memorial Day celebration, don't let your children out of your sight. Never assume that the general public will watch out for your kids while they enjoy the water. Supervise them while they are in the water to ensure their safety. If you have other responsibilities, find a trusted individual to act as a lifeguard.

Furthermore, if you bring large drink coolers out for the party, be sure to dump the water once the ice melts. Melted ice that pools in a large cooler is a legitimate drowning hazard for toddlers.

Enjoy The Sun In A Responsible Manner

We all want to soak up some sun on the holiday. Be sure to bring along sunscreen on Memorial Day to protect your skin from the sun's harsh rays. It only takes a couple hours of sun exposure to cause a severe burn.

Harsh burns increase your risk of skin cancer. Reapply sunscreen every couple of hours. Be sure to bring along some shade in the form of a large hat, umbrellas and/or a covered picnic space to minimize sun exposure.

Barbecue With Care

From hamburgers to hot dogs and corn on the cob, Memorial Day is chock full of tasty barbecued foods. Thoroughly clean your grill before cooking anything. Dirty grills have the potential to cause a number of injuries and health problems.

Never wear loose clothing while grilling as your sleeve or another part of your garment could catch fire. Make sure the kids are kept far away from the grill. Once the barbecue is over, remove all of the coals and verify that the propane is off.

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