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Solar Vs. Traditional Attic Fans

Ivan Jones

traditional-attic-fan.pngWith springtime fast approaching, it’s time to consider installing an attic fan to improve ventilation in your attic. The purpose of this type of fan is to push hot and humid air out while allowing fresh air to flow in through existing vents. Unfortunately, choosing the right attic fan isn’t as simple as you might think.   

Comparing and Contrasting Attic Fans

There are two types of attic fans available to homeowners: electric powered fans and solar powered fans. While both get the job done, solar attic fans tend to be more efficient overall.

Let’s take a look at both types of fans using the three factors below.


Because solar fans are often more expensive up-front, electric fans have been the most popular choice for years. However, with more research being done regarding the effectiveness of solar attic fans, that stat is quickly changing.

For example, if your attic tends get excessively hot, electric fans can run all day. Because of the amount of electricity being used, this significantly affects your power bill, costing you hundreds each year.  

Solar fans, on the other hand, aren’t run off electricity. This, along with the fact that they only run during sunlight hours, makes their use much less damaging to your budget.


Installing a traditional electric attic fan requires a lot of complicated wiring. It needs to be wired to its own circuit, and making even a tiny mistake while doing so can lead to serious issues. Hiring a professional is the best option, which increases the cost and complexity of installation.

With most solar attic fans, there’s no wiring required. Installation is simple and can be done by the homeowner.


If you have an electric attic fan, a thermometer can be attached to it in order to prevent continuous running. While this may help with your power bill, repeatedly turning off and on is detrimental to the lifespan of your electric motor.

Solar fans operate on an inductive motor, which doesn’t wear down the way an electric motor does. This means you get more years out of your attic fan.

In the long run, solar powered attic ventilation is definitely the better option. To learn more about the benefits of purchasing a solar attic fan, reach out to the experts at Ivan Jones & Associates today.