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How to Prepare Your Home for Spring Storm Season

Ivan Jones

damaged roof.jpgThe spring storm season has officially arrived. Homeowners owners who are proactive and prepare their roof for the onslaught stand a much better chance of emerging without extensive damage or a lightened pocketbook. Here is exactly how to prepare your roof for the upcoming spring storms.

Pinpoint Current Roof Issues

Have a contractor take a close look at your roof and siding for issues. He will inspect your roof for leaks, missing shingles and other problems. Have him repair any issues he uncovers before the spring storm season rolls around. He should also shore up loose siding so it doesn't break free amidst strong winds.

Mind Your Landscaping

You might be asking, “What in the world does landscaping have to do with a home or a roof?” High winds can lift landscaping up in the air and smack it against the home/roof. Make use of comparably soft shredded bark mulch for your landscaping rather than gravel, rock or other hard substances.

Trees And Shrubs Matter

Get rid of those weak or dead branches. Remove any trees that have the potential to fall on your roof during a spring storm. Take a good look at shrubs and trees throughout the remainder of the year to ensure they don't pose a threat to your property.

Clear Out The Gutters

Gutters that are clogged with gunk or loose pose a threat to your home. Clear them up and tighten them out so harsh winds can't jostle them loose and inflict damage on the roof/house. Make sure the downspouts are set up far enough away from your home's foundation so your basement does not flood during a storm.

If you need to deal with spring storm damage, hire a professional. As the sole representative of big-name roofing manufacturers, we work with roofers directly and would be proud to assist you in finding a qualified roofer.