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10 Types of PAC-CLAD Panels

Ivan Jones

FeaturedProduct-IJA.jpgAs a leader in the architectural metal industry, Petersen Aluminum Corporation (PAC) provides high-quality, factory-produced metal panels to clients. To ensure the best product condition possible, each of their facilities maintains extensive roll-forming equipment, which constructs Herr-Voss corrective leveled panels.

Panel Options

PAC offers a variety of panels to meet your exact needs, all of which are both aesthetically pleasing and structurally sound. Here’s what you can expect to find when you work with the company.

  1. Snap-Clad Panels

These panels feature continuous interlock for high-quality structural performance and ultimate wind resistance. Produced in various lengths (with a minimum of 4’ and a max of 64’), Snap-Clad panels feature excellent flatness and an optional sealed bead for weather resistance.

The included concealed-fastener clip system provides superb hold-down strength while allowing for thermal expansion and contraction.

  1. Tite-Loc Panels

With many of the same features as the Snap-Clad panels, Tite-Loc panels also provide superior weather resistance, structural integrity, panel flatness, and architectural aesthetics.

These panels differ from the ones above with their 2” leg height, which require post-installation mechanical field seaming.

  1. Snap-On Panels

Designed with simplicity and corrective levelling in mind, Snap-On panels work well for applications that require roof transitions. The superior flatness leads to greater on-site workability.

  1. Redi-Roof Panels

Featuring an offset profile that adds strength and room for a hex head fastener, Redi-Roof panels provide an extra-tight fit. Installation is easier than other panels because of the one-piece design.

The panels are intended for either a batten or standing-seam profile and work best over a solid substrate with a minimum 3:12 roof pitch.

  1. PAC-150 Panels

PAC-150 panels feature a thin-rib profile that’s both attractive and structurally sound. Designed for flexibility, they work well for application over a wide variety of slopes and are available in various widths.

  1. Flush/Reveal Wall Panels

These panels are intended for applications where a flush or flat appearance is the goal, such as wall, fascia, and soffit applications. They feature a rounded interlock leg and concealed fastening system, which both approve appearance while adding strength.

  1. Precision Series Wall Panels

Combining simple, cost-effective installation with bold visual effects is what allows the Precision Series wall panels to provide design flexibility. These panels are available in multiple profiles that include a variety of rib patterns.

  1. Exposed Fastener Panels

These cost-effective, architecturally attractive metal panels are available in a complete product line. These versatile panels can be specified for various applications, including linear panels, roofs, and walls.

  1. Soffit Panels

The PAC-750/850 soffit panels are available in a wide variety of widths and gauges, allowing for excellent design versatility. These panels are a great solution in soffit projects because they can be ventilated with the aluminum substrate for better airflow.

  1. Composite Wall Panels

PAC’s series of composite wall panels are both visually stunning and high-performing, making them a great choice for any retail or commercial application. The state-of-the-art construction of these panels ensures a tight fit and accurate dimensions.

Whatever your metal panel needs, Petersen Aluminum can help. Reach out to our experts at Ivan Jones & Associates to learn more.